Monday, 10 November 2008

Caramel Jack Rock the Windmill

On friday 7th November, I found myself in Brixton, in a small atmospheric pub called the Windmill enjoying a tribute to the Paisley Revolution. The highlight of the night for me was Caramel Jack. Having only heard their 2007 album 1900, I was unsure of what to expect. 1900 is an eclectic mixture of sumptuous ballads and enjoyably great rock songs, with just about every other genre of music inbetween. So their set presented the first chance to see them live, and see if there were any other musical genre's they might have included into their repetoire.

What I witnessed was half an hour of inspired music, with a great central performance from lead singer Joe Doveton, who controlled the stage and led the audience through their musical stylings.

The set list included
Living and Dead Singers
Them's Just Cats
Bring The Mountain
The Backyard
Soft As Clouds

All played with bravado, the set highlighted the bands eclectic influences with a few numbers of their previous albums, Songs from the Low Story and Seven Brides for Caramel Jack.
I recommend you look check out them out at or

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